10 Inspiring Quotes From The PR Summit In Oman

I just came back from Oman where we hosted the first ever global PR event in the country. It was one of the best events that we have organized. Such an amazing energy. I really felt like we are all one big family.

We had some amazing speakers from Rolls Royce, Ritz Carlton, P&G and Unilever presenting at the event. The delegates also participated in an interactive workshop on crisis communications with our great friend Donald Steel, Former Chief Communications Advisor at BBC.  All in all, this, for sure, was an event, that will help the Omani PR community understand and implement the latest global PR Trends. As for me, I learned a lot of new things.

My 10 most inspiring quotes from the event are below.

1. An influencer isn’t someone with thousands of followers – it’s someone who impacts opinion’

2. 1% of people create the content, 9% share the content

3. Individuals not brands or companies can be thought leaders.

4. A company’s reputation = customer’s experience minus expectation,

5.TV & Newspaper are still sources of news that our bosses look at even with the rise of social media

6. The best forms of communication is : Simple, Clear , Consistent & Swift

7. We have moved into the C2C communication age.Customers talk to each other about us.

8. You have only 7 seconds to make a first impression, so get your visual cues right

9.There’s not enough focus on meeting consumer needs as pros get lost in marketing cycles

10. Decide who you’re going to be on social media, how you’re going to define yourself before starting a profile

Our next PR Summit is from 8-9 October in Beirut. Hope to see you there.


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