5 Things I Learned About Customer Service From My Stay At The W Hotel In Doha

As the CEO of a global events agency, i have the privilege of staying in some of the world’s best hotels.

Usually I know what to expect from five star hotels. Only the best, of course.

But my stay at the W Hotel in Doha was not just an incredible experience but also taught me some very important lessons about customer service.

And before you read them, let me just say, I have not been paid nor asked to endorse the W Hotel in Doha. I just feel obliged to share with you the amazing things that the hotel does. Things that I feel are important for everyone in today’s business world.

So, without a further due, here are the 5 things I learned from my stay at this incredible hotel.


  1. Today’s customer service is all about personalization.

Arriving to W Hotel after 9 hours of flying, I was so tired I could not even keep my eyes open. I went straight to my suite and as I was getting ready to go to bed, I saw on the dining table two muffins with my company’s logo on it. I smiled. The whole thing just felt so special. They prepared muffins with my company’s logo. I mean, how cool is that?
Next to the muffins there was a photo of a very well known place in my country and a note- here is a piece of your country while you are in Doha.

The whole experience felt so special. As a customer I felt special. I felt that the W team put a great effort to make my stay at their hotel an unforgettable experience. And they surely achieved this.


  1. All companies should have insiders to tailor to the needs of their customers.

After my stay at W Hotel I realized how important the role of an insider is for all of us in the business world. An insider tries to find out as much information for the client as possible in order to create a tailor made experience for him. Imagine if all of us knew exactly what our clients wanted? What was their favorite drink? Or they favorite food?  I don’t know about you but I am hiring an insider. I want my clients to feel special and I want to know their needs. I think all of us should do that!


  1. Never over promise but always over deliver.

I hate when brands over promise. I just think that in today’s economy you have to be realistic not to raise the expectations of your customers and then crash them with your customer service. What I liked about the W is that with everything they did, they over delivered. I have been traveling to 5 star hotels for 10 years now and I always know what to expect. This time it was different. I got much more than I expected and that as a customer made me feel very special. And trust me, I am not an easy customer to satisfy.


  1. It is all about the small details.

Many times, we concentrate too much on the big picture and we forget all the small things that can contribute towards the experience of our customers. Especially hotels. You go to a 5 star hotel and the room is huge and the bed is amazing and the bath tub is like a swimming pool but then the service is not good or they forget to change your bed sheets or they do not clean your room properly. At W in Doha it is all about the small details. You have the amazing room and service but you also have that small things that just make you smile. Like the desert I had at the hotel’s restaurant. After a successful event we went to the hotel’s restaurant to have a dinner and they served our desert with our company’s name on it. The staff came to say congrats! It felt so good. Or the coffee they give you in the morning with the sign WAKE UP. My stay at the W made me realize that it is all about the small details. When you master the small details, your clients will always stay with you.


  1. What we lack in today’s business world is the human connection and the honest smile.

Aside from everyone knowing my name at the hotel, I felt like most of the staff are my friends. They communicate you with the most friendly smile and spend time with you to make sure you have the best experience ever. It doesn’t matter if it is not their job to get you a drink or to clean your room, or to get you a phone charger. Everyone is concentrating on the needs of the customer and everyone makes you feel special. And all of this is done with a smile. Because a smile is sometimes more important than the luxury suite.

And finally, if you ever go to Doha, take my advice. Stay at the W Hotel. The whole experience will definitely help you create a successful business and most importantly happy clients.

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  • Glasniot makedonec od hodnik

    ili pogotovo preslusnes nekoj makedonec u hodnik :))))) pozdrav kosta blagodarime na odlicnoto review sto go davas… :)

  • Neo Entrepreneur

    Great points made! There lots of things that business can learn from great hotels like the W’s. Customer service right on the top, but also revenue management, triple button line approach and more. Again, nice read