10 Marketing Tips From The Marketing Kingdom Belgrade

Last Thursday and Friday, we hosted the third edition of our Marketing Kingdom conference in Belgrade, Serbia.

The event featured presentations by some of the world’s biggest marketing experts from super brands such as Coca-Cola, You Tube, Henkel, Philips and PwC.

The two day, international gathering, gave me a great insight into the latest marketing trends. For those of you that did not have a chance to attend, here are the TOP 10 TIPS I learned after hearing the presentations at the event.

1. Start ups are becoming more important than ever. All big brands should partner with start ups and use their technology to create the best experience for its customers.

2. Data is KING. Use data carefully to offer your customers the right product, at the right time. Treat data as the new natural resource.

3. As corporations, our aim in today’s social media era is to LISTEN to our customers.We got the platforms but we do not do enough listening. Listen and then engage. Outperforming organizations not only listen, but collaborate extensively with customers.

4. Websites are becoming more important than ever and we should tailor make our websites according to the needs of our customers.

5. The most important thing to recognise is that being a successful in social isn’t about technology at all. Technologies come and go, but human behaviours, and the motivations for them, remain fairly constant.

6. To create a social brand, one has to pay attention to Business Objectives, the Objectives of Specific Functions and/or Markets, the Personal Motivations of Key Actors, and Customer Objectives.


7. The key to social media success is, knowing where you are headed, before you set off. A friend in need is a friend indeed, but only if the relationship runs both ways and has meaning.

8. Collaboration through digital and physical integration represents the next wave of innovation

9. Use digital to enhance personal engagement

10. Create experiences that bring people together.

Hope this helps.



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