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5 Things I Love Most About Baku

We recently hosted our signature event- the Marketing Kingdom for the third time in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. It was another huge success for us. When you think about it, It was actually quite a historical event since it was the first business event in the country to ever host speakers from Twitter and Google.

I have been to Baku more than 10 times now and I am always fascinated by the amazing developments in the City. You can feel the buzz in the air and you can really sense that what maybe now is a hidden gem, in couple of years, is going to be a must visit destination for many. So, if you are thinking where to spend the summer or your next holiday, here are some things that I hope will convince you to visit this amazing city.

  1. Many call Baku the next Dubai but Baku has something that Dubai doesn’t have- HISTORY. When you combine the new iconic buildings with the amazing historical center of the city, you really feel like you are on the crossroad of the future and the past.
  2. No other place offers better combination of European grandness and the spirit of the Orient. When you combine the both, you come up with a city that is so European but in the same time makes you feel the Orient, as it once was.
  3. Azeri food is probably the best food in the world. It is a combination of Iranian, Arabic and European food but with a nice local twist. My favorite restaurant is Sahil which is located on the Promenade. If you decide to go there please order the pumpkin gutap, the chicken liver pathe and the chiken pilav. They are to die for.
  4. The promenade is my favorite part of the city. 3km long, it is amazing for a morning run or a nice afternoon stroll. You can see there the first oil platform in Baku, drink coffee in one of the many cafes or just enjoy the amazing view of the city center and the newly built Flame Towers.
  5. Once in Baku, you have to visit the 360 bar at the Hilton Hotel. The rotating bar offers the best night view of the City. And when the Flame Towers are lit, you really feel like you are on top of the world.

Hope you will get a chance to visit this amazing city. I will be back in November but if you need some tips about places to visit in the city let me know. I will be more than glad to help.

Photos courtesy of Noha Bashir.



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